Monday, October 1, 2012

Update: Orange Coast gets the replica edition treatment from its publisher, Emmis Communications

This is an update of the story that appeared last week on the release of five new tablet editions by Emmis Communications for its city/regional magazines. Today the company, as predicted, released a first tablet edition for Orange Coast.

Like the other five magazine apps, Orange Coast Magazine is a plain vanilla replica edition, even retaining the left-right page folios of the print magazine.

Monthly subscriptions are available for $1.99, annual subscriptions are $14.99. Individual issues are available at $4.99. And like the other Emmis app editions, print subscribers will have to make a choice between print and digital because they will have to pay again if they want access to the issues inside the app.

They should do themselves a favor and stick to the print editions – they are easier to read than these replicas.

Also like the other Emmis apps, a free issue (September) is available to preview, while the October issue requires a purchase of some kind.