Friday, November 9, 2012

Amazon launches wine store, shipping limited to 13 states

As long rumored, Amazon has launched a wine store. This is their second attempt at trying this category. The problem with the category, of course, is the crazy, insane, and corrupt laws the states maintain concerning wine. In red states that normally would not dream of interfering with commerce, state laws continue practices that have their origins in the days following Prohibition.

In many states, Illinois, for instance, the laws are a direct result of corrupt politicians attempting to curry favor with in-state liquor distributors. No out-of-state retailer, a recently law states, can ship directly into the state. How this is legal is beyond me, and any legislator that voted for this ought to spend a few months in the brig.
As a result of our crazy politicians, the new Amazon wine store can only ship wine to 13 states (though Amazon is hoping to find ways to add more).

Each state in the new Amazon wine store has its own inventory, so a search for wines that can be shipped within California, for instance, reveals a far longer list than that which can be shipped to, say Wyoming.

"We’re excited to connect wineries to the millions of Amazon customers who enjoy the convenience of shopping online," said Peter Faricy, Vice President, Amazon Marketplace. "In working with wineries, we’ve learned the incredible passion they have for making great wines and look forward to helping them reach customers who previously would not have had access to their brands."

The wines, I have found, are not discounted – which, of course, is the reason most people shop on The reason for this is that wineries have deals with their distributors and retailers and don't want to be seen to be undercutting them.

So the attraction of the new wine store is that one would be able to find wines not ordinarily seen at your local wine store. Also, the price to ship six bottles, the most one can buy at one time, is only $9.99.

"People love to explore wine, but it is rare to have detailed information and opinions located all in one place," said Tom Hedges of Hedges Family Estate, Red Mountain, Wash. "What Amazon has done with their new wine store is take the experience of hundreds of tasting rooms and put them online. We could not be more excited by the possibilities of growing our business and reaching new customers."