Thursday, November 29, 2012

Apple releases new version of iTunes, completely redesigned, with iCloud playback syncing, new store

Apple has released iTunes 11 this morning/afternoon, reaching its sel-imposed deadline of launching the new, much needed version of iTunes in November. They were cutting it close.

The new version of iTunes is redesigned with a new-look store that Apple says will make it easier to find music, books and apps. The new iTunes will let you play content directly from iCloud and see what songs are playing next.

But the real need with iTunes is what Apple does not preview in the app description, the need for a more stable, less prone to freezing application.
Regular users of iTunes will be disoriented at first as the options have moved from the side to the top of the app and the store has moved from being a part of the player to a separate button.

Let the reviews begin.