Thursday, November 15, 2012

CITIES issues new iPad app for its second issue

The great joy of the tablet editions is not the quality of the magazines – though sometimes that is the case – it is the incredible variety of publications now available. Apple, and readers, face a dilemma in that finding new content to read can be overwhelming. But there is no doubt, now that the Newsstand has reached over 4,000 titles (for the iPad, over 2,500 for the iPhone), that anyone who complains that they have nothing to read is not trying hard enough.

For many publishers, and would be publishers, the iPad is their first choice, even before print. For organizations trying to get the word out, the idea of publishing a print magazine, mailing it internationally, seems not just old fashioned, but economically unjustifiable.

CITIES the Magazine, is a new iPad app that features the second issue of the title. The app description goes out of its way to tell potential readers that this is no fancy travel magazine, but a serious digital magazine that talks about issues involving the urban environment.
CITIES The Magazine is primarily made to bring authorship about urban development issues back to its protagonists: the citizens. Each issue of the magazine can be downloaded via this app at regular intervals direct to your Apple Newsstand.

Today, in global cities, there is a growing group of mindful and purposeful people that travel from city to city for work, study and leisure. Rooted in international relationships and a new urban mobility, this social group is rich in the kind of awareness that leads them to observe, explore and analyze global urban phenomena and local urban practices. The users in our community are typically interested in architecture, environmental issues, social infrastructure planning and design; have travelled and experienced different urban realities; are conscious urban explorers; are interested or part of urban subcultures; and are especially curious about the underlying mechanisms and structures of metropolitan life.

To make things clear, CITIES is not the usual publication about design, urban-related gear and products, music or architecture...
I don't know what platform the team used to create this new digital magazine but there the page loading is a bit slow, as you will see in the video below. This occurs even after the digital edition has been open for a while.

The file size is modest as there is very little interactive content that would have driven up the size, and the magazine only uses the landscape orientation (which I like, by the way).

I think this is one of those digital magazines that will sit there inside of iTunes, but those intimately involved in the subject matter will find it and appreciate its availability inside the Apple Newsstand (where it is a free app with its issues free of charge, as well).