Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Dave Pell updates his app for the NextDraft newsletter, adds support for the iPad and iPad mini

I'm not sure that creating a tablet edition for a blog makes much sense, which is why you won't find an iPad edition of Talking New Media. But newsletters, especially e-newsletters are something different.

This is probably why creating first a mobile app for NextDraft, and now making it work for the iPad and iPad mini is a good idea.
NextDraft - The Day's Most Fascinating News got a big update yesterday that added that support for Apple's tablets. The iPad version is simple enough, and different enough from the iPhone version, that it works. The entries are minimal in design, but since there is no online equivalent, one can certainly see why this is a good option for a newsletter.

In any case, readers are overjoyed and have given the update a big thumbs up.

If you are a reader of NextDraft, and especially if you are not, the newly updated app version is worth checking out – it is, after all, free to download and access.