Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Disney releases a series of Wreck-It Ralph! digital books and game apps for iOS in time for the holidays

With the holiday shopping season upon us smart publishers are making sure that they have app products available for new owners of tablets and smartphones. For parent thinking of buying their children and teenagers an iPad (lucky kids) one would want to think about adding a few apps to that digital device.

Disney Publishing has launched a couple of new book apps in support of its Wreck-It Ralph franchise, as well as a game.

The game is simply called Wreck-It Ralph and is priced at $1.99. Games, being outside the domaine of TNM, we'll concentrate on the digital books.
Wreck-it Ralph: Hero's Duty Interactive Comic is the comic prequel to the Wreck-It Ralph! movie and is priced at $1.99. The app is universal, perfect if you've decided to buy an iPod touch, for instance. It is simply constructed and works exclusively in portrait orientation.

The app was recently updated to fix some bugs, but the update did not include support for the iPhone 5 – probably because it was designed and developed over the summer before the iPhone 5's launch. As it is, the app weighs in at 95 MB, a typical size for a digital book of this length.

The Big Kahun is Wreck-It Ralph Storybook Deluxe. It, too, is a universal app, but this one really works best on an iPad tablet. The app costs $6.99 and weighs in at 262 MB, so you know there will be a lot content here.

The digital book features read-along text and full narration, as well as six clips from the movie.

The other half of the app is the game side, which means that the app will have shelf life.
Disney warns App Store customers that the app is not compatible with the iPhone 3GS or 3rd generation iPod touch – though, as I said, this one is especially good for new tablet owners.

Disney now has exactly 100 apps in the Apple App Store for the iPhone, and 106 designated for the iPad (obviously, some of these are universal apps). A parent can find book and game apps in a number of categories including Education, with prices from Free to $6.99, with the majority of them in the $1.99 pricing slot. Disney has also launched the Wreck-It Ralph game for the Android platform, though these two apps seen here are missing from the platform, though I did see three Kindle Editions from Disney Book Group for the Wreck-It Ralph franchise on Amazon.com.

These digital books and games consistently are receiving high marks from users, though since they tend to have lots interactivity, a parent should make sure they are not trying to load these onto older iPads or iPhones. Each app description will give the downloader a warning about compatibility.