Friday, November 16, 2012

eMarketer estimates the tablet market at 99M units by the end of next year, with Apple's iPad still dominating

The digital marketing media unit eMarketer has released an infographic called US Digital Media Usage: A Snapshot of 2013. It's project was sponsored by ExactTarget, by the way.

The infographic covers such areas as Internet usage, ecommerce, online video, mobile and tablets.
eMarketer estimates that the size of the U.S. tablet market will be 99 million users by the end of next year, and the Apple's iPad will continue to dominate the market with 70.5 million users, or 71.2 percent of the market. That equates to just over 22 percent of the population.

I would estimate that Apple is currently around 44-45 million units, maybe a bit more than that based if they come in with a blowout quarter. They would need to sell about 25-26 million iPads in 2013 to hit these numbers.

It appears that Apple is now doing well in China, so overall sales will be good in the next quarter, but publishers are obviously most interested in the tablet penetration numbers in the markets they are serving, more than simply in total sales.