Monday, November 12, 2012

Follow-up: NYT's iPad mini optimized app

I realized as I was ending the day that I had not as yet followed up on an earlier post about the updated apps from The New York Times. Both NYTimes for iPad and NYTimes, the paper's mobile app, received updates this morning, but it was the iPad update that got everyone's attention.
The newly updated iPad edition states that it has been optimized for the iPad mini, and indeed, it has – though even side by side with a regular sized iPad the difference is hard to tell.

But there is a difference with the fonts and spacing – subtle, but a definite improvement over a non-optimized app.

Rarely do developers make such subtle changes, but the conservative nature of the change for the iPad mini is just what the doctor ordered. I'm not a big fan of the NYT's tablet strategy, as TNM readers know. The Tribune Company and others are way ahead of the Old Gray Lady in the area of tablet publishing. But when it comes to making sure iPad mini owners are taken care of this update will do just fine.