Monday, November 19, 2012

Gannett releases version 3.0 of USA TODAY for iPad

Gannett's USA Today has released a new version of its tablet edition for the iPad. USA TODAY for iPad is now on version 3.0.0.

The update allows readers to choose one of two looks: a list view or a grid view. The difference between the two views is not dramatically different, to be honest, and a lot of front page real estate is wasted in any case.

The app is not a replica or reformatting of the print newspaper, but like The New York Times iPad edition, is really an app developer's idea of what the reader would want in a reformatted website. I'm sure of the logic of these kinds of tablet apps, but I'm sure many readers are opting for this free access to USA Today rather than subscribing to the print newspaper – a circulation director's nightmare.

The app features more and more content, with more and more sections, which is why it remains on my own iPad. Because the app is not related to the print edition, Gannett has decided to continue to have this app stand-alone rather than have it reside in Apple's Newsstand.

There is a separate mobile app for iOS, USA TODAY for iPhone. These apps, plus several others including USA TODAY College app, which is for the iPhone, can be found under the USA TODAY name rather than Gannett, which is how you find the apps released by the media company for its regional newspapers and television stations.

Here is a brief walk-through parts of the newest version of USA TODAY for iPad.