Thursday, November 15, 2012

Google issues update to its iPhone app for Blogger, adding iPad support (finally); Apple issues update to its own iBooks 3 app to stop unexpected crashes

Users of the iOS app from Google for its Blogger blogging platform have been clamoring for the addition of iPad support a long time. A very long time.

Blogger, the app, had previously only been designed for the iPhone, forcing users to download other blogging apps such as the Blogsy.

So today's update will be much appreciated, but... that won't stop users from finding things to complain about.

The newly updated Blogger app, for instance, will not allow you to schedule posts, so anything written would either need to go live immediately, or stay saved until you want to publish.

Also, for reasons that make no sense, Blogger still does not support the iPhone 5's larger screen size.
One would think that both Google and Apple would be particularly good at the app game, and software, in general. But one has to admit, if you are a Mac or iOS users, that Apple has really fallen off lately when it comes to producing professionally written code.

iTunes, famously, remains a bloated, crashing, disastrous mess of a program. iOS 6 seem to be be causing developers serious problems with their apps. Need proof of this? Apple themselves has to constantly update their own apps because of problems.

Today Apple issued another update to iBooks 3, the company's universal eReader app. In the past, when Apple issued an app update one could count on new features, but this update is minor, merely fixing a bug that was causing iBooks 3 to "unexpectedly quit." Notice that Apple doesn't like to use the word "crash".