Monday, November 12, 2012

Major app updates for TRVL, United Airlines and Circa News; Spreed issues updates for Journal Register apps

The travel tablet magazine TRVL, which has migrated off of Adobe and Woodwing tools and created its own system, has issued an important update to its app this morning.

The tablet app, officially called TRVL free Travel Magazine, has been updated to fix stability issues. The digital magazine is now using its own platform, called PRSS, to create its issues, and has converted its back issues to the platform, as well.

The app description asks readers to "wait for the store to finish importing the updated magazines," as the publisher is apparently hurrying to load the archived issues for downloading.

PRSS, the platform created by TRVL, is to be offered to others interested in making their own tablet editions, though the company is only accepting requests at this point, no actual product. TNM has signed up and hopes to look at PRSS when it becomes available (hint, how about a sneak peak?).

Another new media that has gotten some attention, Circa News, has also issued an update to its iPhone app. The update fixes a number of issues involving refreshing of story lists, push notifications, etc.

The app description also says that Circa News will soon have story sharing features come the next update.
United Airlines has issued an important update to its iPhone app today. United Airlines now supports the iPhone 5 and is iOS 6 compliant, including Passbook.

OK, you may ask, didn't United already update their app back on October 19 to do all this?

Yes, but apparently that update introduced bugs that made the app all but useless. This update doesn't say it fixes those bugs, though that has to be the reason for this new update.

Call it a do over.

Spreed is issuing updates to the Journal Register Company apps it has such as The Oakland Press for iPad.

The updates involve a new weather module and bug fixes.

The Journal Register Company is, of course, part of the Digital First Media umbrella, and these app updates wouldn't be of much interest, but I always take every opportunity to point out that these apps are completely worthless and indicative of the company's backwards attitude towards the new digital platforms.