Monday, November 19, 2012

Morning Brief: Clearing the queue of updates before the Thanksgiving Day holiday; American Airlines adds Passbook; Pandora adds sharing options to iOS app

This week will be a bit light in new posts thanks to travel, appointments and the like. I suspect that U.S. developers, and Apple and Google as well, will be clearing the app queues as best as possible before they get to Thursday.

This morning American Airlines released an app update for their universal iOS travel app. The update puts AA in the category of those airlines that have added the Passbook feature to their app.

But unlike many other airlines, AA's app is universal meaning it will work on the iPad, as well. That brings up the topic of Passbook, which is not an app featured on the iPad. But with the release of the iPad mini I would suspect that a lot of travelers who own the mini would use that tablet much like a travel organizers or Day-Timer. Those users would want Passbook on their devices wouldn't they?

This is a good example of Apple keeping tight controls of the app environment of their devices yet not really thinking through the consequences of their decisions and making their customers angry. The discussion and support boards are filling up with complaints about Passbook and the iPad mini.
Pandora has updated its universal iOS app this morning, too.

The update adds social networking tools. These not only including sharing through Facebook and Twitter, but adds a Pandora Music Feed which can be shared, as well.

The app update also adds support for BMW's new navigation system, iDrive 4.2, as well as support for the iPhone 5's taller screen.

The universal app for Nxtbook Nxtstand has been updated to add support for the iPhone 5. Nxtbook is the company a lot of publishers have used to created those Flash flipbooks for their websites. The iOS app brings those flipbooks to the iPhone and iPad.

If you're a Comcast customer you should know that the company released a pretty important update to its XFINITY Connect app this morning that fixes email synchronization issues and makes the app iOS 6 compliant.