Friday, November 16, 2012

Photography Week, a natively designed weekly tablet magazine from Future Publishing, tests the iPad's computing power

Among the some 60 apps updated by Future PLC this past few days was the relatively new tablet-only magazine Photography Week. Unlike many of Future's tablet editions, Photography Week is natively designed, taking advantage of the iPad's animation, video and slideshow capabilities.

The magazine app offers individual issues at $1.99 a piece, but also offers monthly subscriptions at $4.99 per month or $28.99 per year. New subscribers can test out the magazine by signing up for a subscription to get a free access for 30 days before their paid subscription kicks in.
Photography Week is built using Future's own digital platform, FutureFolio. The platform promises publishers the ability to produce both replica, enhanced or interactive editions. The cost is £350 plus download costs, and there is an enterprise package available at £15k per year.

The latest issue weighs in at just under 270 MB, its sized moderated by the decision to go with portrait only page designs – the app, though, will work in landscape within the library and store until one starts reading the issues.

This is a well-designed native tablet magazine, and it is a shame that some of Future's other titles aren't going in this direction today, though I would guess that over time we'll see more and more of them do this as the proportion of print to digital subscribers begins to shift more towards the digital side.

Here is a brief walk-through a portion of the latest issue of Photography Week. The hiccups you see may be the result of low computing power of the third generation iPad I use. This continues to be a problem for native tablet editions as Apple is not giving its tablets enough memory or storage, something that I would think Apple would consider essential for making sure its tablets perform at their best when developers push the envelope with their apps.