Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Project Magazine updates its app as reviewers inside the App Store scream bloody murder

Life can be good when your app is popular in the Apple Newsstand, but it can get a bit tense once the complaints start rolling in. For the past few weeks Project Magazine, the tablet-only magazine originally published by Virgin Digital Publishing, has been hearing from readers complaining about its app.

Originally released in November of 2010, Project was one of the very first tablet-only magazines created. It got lots of notice for pushing the envelope, so speak. Now a joint venture with Other Edition, the magazine stumbled a bit when it went into the Apple Newsstand as there were app issues tied to subscriptions.

Similarly, the app has been hammered by readers recently who complain about issue downloads. "Does not download. No support. You have been warned," reads one reader review. "Could never access magazine. Now they charged me for another year!" reads another (guess this guy needs to learn how to turn off automatic renewal).

But today the publisher has issued an app update that one would presume will take care of the complaints. The app description simply says that the app is now "compatible with iOS 6" and that it fixes "other minor bugs". No doubt this issue was iOS 6 as many other apps have found that the software update did serious damage to their apps, something that used to be unlike Apple, but now is becoming more common, unfortunately.