Monday, November 5, 2012

Southern California publisher launches seven new tablet editions through a mysterious new publishing vendor

There is a saying that probably applies to just about anything – sports, teaching, you name it – if it were really that easy, anybody would do it. Well, getting a media app into the Apple App Store is pretty damn easy, 'cause just about anybody does it. As a result, every day there are some apps launched that one wonders if they really should have been approved.

Today, for instance, a new company, Bluepaper LLC, launched seven new magazine apps into the Apple Newsstand for its publishing client Apartment News Publications, a regional publisher of commercial real estate magazines. This makes 11 apps released under the Bluepaper name.

Apparently it is far easier to launch an app than it is a website, because the Bluepaper website is "coming soon". (I also searched the web for the name of the vendor but other than their apps came up empty.)

Each of the apps released are replica editions, right on down to the alternating left-right page folios which remain. The print pages of Commercial Property Management Magazine, for instance, float a little bit on the iPad's display as the print page size quite fit the iPad's display exactly, though it's close.
Of the other four apps released by this mysterious vendor, three are for publications of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (the Mormons), and another is for the National Electrical Manufacturers Association.

None of the apps charge to download the content so the only making any money here is clearly the vendor. The need to get into the App Store certainly leads to some strange behavior on the part of publishers, as each of the apps appear under the vendor's name rather than the publisher's. I wonder what these publishers would think if their print editions appeared with the name of the printer at the top rather than their own?