Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tactilize wants you to provide them content for this iPad app, what you get out of this is anybody's guess

The problem I've always had with Flipboard, Zite and the other apps that encouraged publishers and others to add their content is that it seemed like the only one who really benefited from the symbiotic relationship being promoted was the owner of the application. No matter how much I was told that creating a microsite or adding content would drive traffic to my own site, the more I felt I was being swindled.

Not a week goes by when someone asks me to write or share the content of TNM with them for free. Somehow this would benefit TNM because, well, it would. Just yesterday someone wrote me to say "Dan..." "As a (sic) see it it would be a perfect fit for TNW (sic)."

Gotta love the nerve of someone to get both my name and the name of the website wrong.

But what is driving these efforts, of course, is the knowledge that publishers and others want to get their content in front of iPad owners. So when the next app solution comes along that promises self-publishing on the iPad everyone gets excited, the tech sites write about it, and then the reality hits you square in the face. What's in it for me?

Tactilize is the next big thing, or so some of the articles say. "Tactilize enables you to discover, publish and share interactive content on iPad, easily and instantly," the app description reads.
How it works is that one creates a user name on the company's website, reserving your unique name – like TalkingNewMedia. Then you download the iPad and begin searching for and creating new content.

It's all very easy, and all pretty meaningless. The pages are called "cards", which are essentially like web pages. These pages can then be searched for and read.

Of course, all that content is shared on the Tactilize app, so all the traffic benefits, and presumably advertising revenue, will benefit the app start-up.

If this is the next big thing it must be pointed out that like Flipboard and Zite there is no barrier to entry, any number of these could be created which inevitably would lead one to realize that the desire to get content on the iPad can be satisfied in any number of ways including creating your own apps that have your own name attached to it. (Not the mention that the iPad has a browser, which opens up content through the web.)