Monday, November 12, 2012

The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Team releases new whitepaper on digital catalogs and the tablet market

The Adobe Digital Publishing Suite Team has released this afternoon a new whitepaper on "The future of shopping: Digital catalogs and the omnichannel consumer" that advocates that "mobile devices – specifically tablets – can help retailers and direct merchants address" the challenges of increasing competition, creating a consistent brand experience, rising distribution costs of physical catalogs and "showrooming".

The whitepaper is available as a PDF download.

Adobe's report reviews the growing tablet market and the attractive demographics of tablet owners, then argues in favor of capitalizing on the growth of the new tablet platform:
"Early studies show that tablets are a promising platform for e-commerce sales," the whitepaper's authors state. "An Adobe study found that tablet users shopping on retail websites on average purchase 20% more than web visitors and 50% more than smartphone users.4 That’s a promising start for “t-commerce.” A highly designed digital catalog could move the sales needle even further by enhancing the shopping experience with interactive features that leverage the tablet’s functionality."

One of the new tablet catalogs mentioned by the Adobe team is that from ASOS, a stand-alone universal iOS app. "Early returns have been positive: the average basket size for online orders placed through the app is approximately 30% higher than orders placed directly through the website," said the report.

Not surprisingly, the Adobe team advocates for creating new tablet catalogs. With that recommendation, the Adobe team also offers some advice on what to include in that new digital catalog product:
To optimize the consumer experience with your digital catalog, consider these eight core elements:

Interactivity: Immerse customers in the product experience through customizable interactivity.
T-commerce integration: Include integrated e-commerce functionality within your app to drive sales when readers consume your content.
Social sharing:
Drive new customer acquisition with “tear-away” pages that can turn shoppers into advocates.
Geo-targeted merchandising: Drive traffic to physical stores with product offers based on a user’s location.
Multiplatform content: Repackage content and deliver it to consumers on whatever device they are using—PCs, laptops, smartphones, or tablets—so they can access content anywhere, anytime.
Loyalty tools: Integrate user authentication with existing customer databases, including loyalty programs,
to deliver customized offers and other special promotional material to drive affinity and incremental revenue.
Analytics: Retool content based on user activity and engagement to present the best offers and products and make changes on the fly.
Personalization: Forge greater connections with customers and display relevant offers that drive results through 1:1 personalization.
You can download the whitepaper on the Adobe website, or access the PDF directly here.