Monday, November 26, 2012

The Guardian launches a new version of its mobile website designed for smartphones and small tablets

The Guardian today launched a new mobile website for its newspaper that redesigns the mobile experience for readers using smartphones or small tablets. The new mobile experience replaces the standard listing of articles with a more sophisticated look and feel.
"We have rebuilt our mobile site from the ground up, focusing on improving user experience, reliability and download speed," wrote Chris Mulholland on The Guardian's U.K. website. "Our aim is to provide the best user experience for reading our content, whatever your device. The new mobile website is a major first step towards that responsive goal, though it is currently only optimised for smaller screens: smartphones and tablets up to seven inches. If you view the site on an iPad or anything larger, you will still see the desktop site."

The new website features responsive design and is optimized specifically for seven-inch displays, though it scales down for use on any size screen.

"Rather than release a site with every feature built, you'll find this site will continue to grow and evolve. We've released beta versions of this site early and will continue to push out updates often to continue to test and improve it," Mulholland wrote.