Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Aquafadas issues update to viewer app, myKiosk for iOS

Since so many TNM readers are either active media app developers or potential ones, I like to keep everyone informed whenever an update to a platform, or like in this case, an update to a viewer app has been released.

Aquafadas, which recently was purchased by Toronto-based Kobo, has today updated its viewer app myKiosk for iOS. I'm sure the digital publishing platform company is sending out emails to its developers, but at least you've heard about it here, right?
The new version of myKiosk, which is version 2.4, supports version 2.5 of the Aquafadas InDesign plugin – yes, that confused me for a second, as well.

The viewer app here is used to read .zave files, which are the AVE format used by Aquafadas – each platform uses its own file format specific to its app and file solution. With myKiosk a developer can read AVE 3.0 documents by sending the files over WiFi to the app, or uploading the .zave file using the myKiosk web server.

At the core of the system, of course, is the plug-in. Aquafadas offers plug-ins for both QuarkXPress, as well as Adobe InDesign.

Here is what Aquafadas lists as the changes in the latest update of the app:
- better support for the enrichments in AvePDF mode
- new rendering of notes and bookmarks
- better support for scrollable layouts
- many improvements and bug fixes in various parts of the AVE Reader.

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Definition of Smartphone said...

I never heard of Aquafadas, but now I’ve taken a look and it looks great. Creating HTML5 animations anywhere and running them anywhere. Great update!