Monday, December 3, 2012

Both USA Today and Starbucks (finally) get around to adding iPhone 5 support to their iPhone apps

Based on some of the reviews seen inside the Apple App Store, it looked like some iPhone 5 owners were taking the lack of support from both Gannett and Starbucks for their phones rather personally.
Apple released the iPhone 5 back in September, but it took until today for both companies to get around to updating their apps. The Starbucks app has already been updated once to add in support for Apple's new Passbook feature, but for some reason iPhone 5 support (for the larger screen) was missing from the update. You'd think the company got caught not paying U.K. taxes the way some reviewers raked the company (actually, they did get caught not paying U.K. taxes, a situation the company now says will be changed).
As for the USA TODAY for iPhone app, well I suppose there was no other reason to update the app until now. But after updating my own app what do I see when it is opened? John Boehner's mug. (He was rolling out the GOP's grand plan to raise the age when a citizen will qualify for Medicare. Thanks John, maybe you could propose term limits, while you're at it.)

The USA Today app, I must say, is very attractive. It's use of black as a background and gradations works very well.

As for the content, I have a bit of a beef with that story about how the public views the ethics of Congress. A recent Gallup Poll, the same folks that missed it big time at presidential election time, asked people's opinions of Congress and found that only 10 percent rated the honesty and ethical standards of the institution as "very high" or "high".

Buried further down in the story is the news that only 24 percent rated the ethics of journalists "very high" or "high". Maybe the headline should have read "Congress rates poorly on ethics; but don't believe us, we're journalists."