Thursday, December 6, 2012

MyStream launches Android version of app; mobile app allows for sharing of playlists over WiFi or Bluetooth

The mobile to mobile music streaming app, MyStream, is coming to the Android platform, the company told TNM yesterday. The iPhone/iPod touch version of the app has been available in the App Store since March of this year, but now an Android version will be released into Google Play.
The app allows users to share their music through streaming content between devices using WiFi or Bluetooth. Users, both with the MyStream app, can listen to each others playlists, avoiding the need for headphone splitters, or worse, the sharing of headphones (just curious, when did you clean your ears out last?).

I first tried out MyStream yesterday and found it very easy to set up and use. Upon installing the app one can choose a put in a user name. By default the app will simply display your phone's name (such as "TNM's iPhone"). A user then selects the playlists they will allow others to access.

When two people have the app open and are ready to stream music the other person's phone will appear as available. From there it is pretty self-explanatory.

While the app will stream using either WiFi or Bluetooth, it definitely works best when the two users are using the same WiFi network and Bluetooth is turned off. Otherwise the app tends to want to use Bluetooth and there are occasional cutoffs. This may be caused by a number of factors, but I found that they go away once Bluetooth is turned off.
For now, both the Android and iOS versions of the app are free of charge to download. The app, developed by ADEV Inc, which has the ConXfer contacts transfer app in the App Store, has a banner ad running along bottom of the home screen. Whether they intend this app to be supported by advertising, or whether they will really decide to charge for the app later will probably depend on how many users they can get to download the app.

As a side note, at the time I tested the MyStream app I had absolutely no music on my iPhone 5. When at home I tend to access music via my phone through the iPhone's music app, then stream the music from my computer to my iPhone, or alternatively, from my computer to my stereo system through the Apple TV, often using the remote app on my iPhone (how techie).

But I will load up my phone with music just before traveling. The MyStream app will certainly come in handy in situations where two or more people are traveling and all the travelers have the app on their smartphones.