Monday, December 31, 2012

Post #894 for 2012: a look at last year's TNM predictions

There were a few less posts to appear on TNM this year than appeared in 2011, the reason being a mid-year vacation and a pledge to slow down a bit. That didn't last, however.

On the last working day of 2011, Friday the 30th, I made a series of predictions that were more of an attempt to point out the silliness of predictions on media websites.

The first prediction was that the Giants would still not "be able to hit the broadside of a barn next year." Damn, wouldn't you know they would go on to win the World Series again. I could get used to this win the World Series every two years thing.

I look pretty good, don't you think?
I also predicted that Apple would release an iPad 3 at the usual time - no drama, no major surprises. I was right about that, other than the fact that they called the new iPad the new iPad. What I didn't think Apple would do was to release an iPad 4 in the fall. No one still knows why they did it.

I also said there would be no 7-inch iPad in 2012. Wrong again. Though, I suppose the fact that the iPad mini has a slightly larger than 7-inch screen could mitigate that error. No? Thought not.

My other predictions were dead on: the Sharks didn't win the Stanley Cup; newspaper consultants would continue to push aggregation, layoffs and fighting new digital technology (all in the name of being 'digitally focused'; and magazines as a print platform survived (even if more titles were shuttered); and I was right in predicting that Michele Bachmann wouldn't become the new President.

For 2013 I have few predictions other than the obvious: Congress will continue to be a joke; the iPhone and iPad will continue to sell, as will Android phones; the Sharks won't win the Stanley Cup; and tech and media writers will continue to bore their readers with Apple rumors that originate on Asian websites that are actually the Chinese equivalent of The Onion.

That's it for predictions.

...and that's it for 2012. Here is wishing you a peaceful and prosperous New Year. And thank you for reading Talking New Media. See you next year.