Thursday, December 20, 2012

The WSJ moves its universal iOS app into the Newsstand

The Wall Street Journal, which had maintained a stand-alone app for quite some time, has updated its universal iOS app and moved it into the Apple Newsstand.

The Wall Street Journal now will be using in-app purchases through Apple's system, though at the time of this post, the system doesn't seem to be working as designed – though that may be caused by the app's release coming as a surprise, as often happens. The development team may this bug worked out by later today.
The update will now mean that the WSJ app will download issues automatically for subscribers.

It also means that some users will not read the app description will wonder where their WSJ has gone to – though the publishing team has gone to great lengths to make sure readers know their app is now to be found in the Newsstand.
What's New in Version 5.0
Newsstand & Alerts
• WSJ is now in Newsstand! Get new issues automatically delivered to your device overnight. To use Newsstand, tap 'Allow' when prompted.
• Note: WSJ App icon will now appear in the Newsstand Folder.
• Breaking News Alerts from WSJ. To get alerts, tap 'Allow' when prompted.
In-App Subscriptions
• Purchase a monthly subscription to WSJ through your iTunes account. With a digital subscription you get access to iPad, iPhone, and more.