Monday, January 21, 2013

Add another to the "What would Steve Jobs think?" list

Yes, Steve Jobs really is dead and the money people are running Apple now. Need proof? It's right there in the App Store where crap list this gets in, and the store is redesigned to screw the small, independent developers in favor of the big boys.

This is yet another app from Sergey Rudnev, who has numerous apps like this one, "Magazine ULaLa", in the App Store, all with one-star reviews because either the app doesn't work or the content is garbage. (Apparently "ULaLa" is what a Russian hears when a Frenchman says "oh là là".)

Another of Sergey Rudnev's apps is Magazine 'Gun' which promises to teach you how to buy used guns.

It's a shame what is happening to the App Store and to relations with independent developers. But Apple is a stock-price driven company now, so what do you expect?