Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Apple's latest earnings report reveals that the company sold 22.9 million iPads in its first quarter of fiscal 2013

While the tech and financial sites will report in more depth on Apple's first quarter earnings for 2013, I wanted to stay focused on tablet sales, the one area of most interest to TNM readers.

With the introduction of the iPad mini in the quarter, and throwing in a new, albeit only slightly changed new iPad 4 model, pretty much everyone expected that Apple would have a good quarter in this area. They didn't disappoint: 22.9 million versus 15.4 million units in the same quarter last year. Revenue growth was 18 percent, year over year – I think that might prove to be far better than most companies in the space, don't you think?

That brings total iPad sales to 121 million units since its introduction in April of 2010. (Or as one media guru would put it, over 120 million devices with no purpose, though I have a feeling many would disagree.)

Business Insider is already out with its usual and highly predictable analysis, which I value about as I value Enron stock.

With $54.5 billion in quarterly revenue (more than Google's annual revenue) and a quarterly net profit of $13.1 billion (about $3 billion more than Google's annual net profit), I'd say the numbers look pretty good to me, and pretty much in line with analyst's expectations – again, not that I really care about those folks.

The key for media professionals is whether it is worth their while to develop for the iOS platform, and while many of the leading media consultants bet the farm against both the iPhone and iPad, I think the numbers continue to tell the story. Meanwhile, I won't hold my breath waiting for any mea culpas from these folks, they are way too busy speaking at industry events and teaching the next generation of media professionals all about digital media.