Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Harmon Kardon releases Play app, a companion app to its Go + Play Wireless products

I will admit that this post has pretty much nothing to do with media. But so what? A little entertainment tech news every now and then isn't a bad thing, is it?

When Apple finally let AirPlay loose on the world, opening up its use by third party apps, I assumed that we would get buried in new apps and products designed to take advantage of the streaming app. It's taken a while, but we are getting there.

The use of Bluetooth is also something that has caught on (though I find AirPlay more reliable). Harmon Kardon has moved into the space in a big way with a series of interesting entertainment products. One of those is the BTA 10, an AppleTV-like device meant for audio systems (too bad it doesn't do video also). It is available on a pre-order basis at this time.
 photo HK-Play-iPad-sm_zps5d0bda30.jpg
The company also has a portable audio system called Go + Play for the iPhone and iPod. I personally have a Bose speaker system for portable music playing during the summer months, but mine is an older model without Bluetooth or AirPlay. The current Harmon Kardon model is without these features, as well, but a new Wireless model has shown up on their website as "coming soon".

What has already arrived is the iPhone/iPad app to go with the new product. Harman Kardon Play is basically like a coverflow version of iTunes right now. But its real mission is to be a wireless controller for the Go + Play Wireless device once that is released.

With the play app you can AirPlay your music to an Apple TV or other device accepting AirPlay signals right now. But with the Go + Play you will be able to have synchronized volume control and remote power on/off capabilities. All we need now is that Wireless device!