Monday, January 28, 2013

Media app updates: Blue Note by Groovebug; Twitter's Vine app has 'em talking; the two Weather Channels apps; The Guardian for iPhone adds commenting

Quite a number of media app got updated this morning, though most updates were minor compared to the big relaunch of The New Republic for iPad.

For those who have been following the growth the Blue Note by Groovebug app, today's update is nice (see original post from October): today's update fixes an Airplay bug and adds song sharing recommendations to the app.

The folks behind this interesting app did not like my assessment that the app was "crippled" because the offerings were incomplete, often saying that the songs missing from Blue Note LPs were "coming soon". Well, its been five months and those missing songs are still "coming soon" – telling me, at least, that EMI is less than supportive of the idea behind the app (subscription based listening).

The app getting the most attention this morning remains Vine, the video sharing app from Twitter. Officially called Vine - Make a scene, the app is now on version 1.0.3 as the developer tries to work out bugs in the app.

But the tech websites are all a twitter over the fact that some users are apparently creating six second porn videos. Apparently AOL and other new media companies employ easily excitable boys to do their writing – they seem genuinely startled by the prospect of seeing mini porn classics appearing on their iPhones. Hey guys, get over it.
 photo WeatherChannel-weather-sm_zps06b79f71.jpg
Recently The Weather Channel issued a couple app updates to its iPad app – one to introduce a new look, another to fix the icon introduced in the first update (It contained the word "TEST" in it).

One thing I noticed in the app reviews, though, was complaints by users that they were seeing off forecasts inside their apps. On their iPhone app The Weather Channel would be saying the temperature was one thing and on their iPad app it said something else.

Sunday, here in Chicago, an ice storm was forecast (it turned out less brutal than predicted). So I began to frequently check both apps and found the same sort of issues: the iPad forecast was very much different than the iPhone app forecast. How is this happening? How can two different forecasts be made by the same outlet on two different apps?

It looks like it is time to dump these apps for something else.

NHL GameCenter was updated this morning, the most recent of several updates for the app since the hockey season has begun. The latest update finally brings iOS 6 compliance and iPhone 5 support to the app, something that should have occurred in the previous app updates (better late than never, I suppose).

The Guardian has just issued an update to its iPhone app. The Guardian for iPhone is free for U.S. readers and now allows commenting by mobile app users, as well as other comment related improvements, and the usual bug fixes.

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Lee Jarvis said...

In the three and a half months between launch and this blog post (not five), nearly 500 songs were added to the app.

The 'Coming Soon' next to a particular song in the app means that the deal is still being worked out. We hope you understand that it is not easy for Blue Note/EMI to deal with so many artists and estates to set up new deals for the multiple writers of each song, but as soon as they give us the all clear on a song, we add it!

In the mean time, we also new artists, playlists and articles each week.

Lee Jarvis