Friday, January 25, 2013

Morning Brief: Twitter lays an egg with Vine, rushes out update; Google updates its own mobile video app YouTube Capture; Realtor adds price alerts to iOS app

If at first you don't succeed... that is probably what Twitter must be thinking after their disastrous launch of Vine, a new video sharing app released yesterday into the App Store.

This much fanfare, but little actual success, Twitter launched Vine - Make a scene under the Vine Labs name into the App Store. The idea behind the app is to make 6 second looping videos that are attached to Tweets. Unfortunately, after launch the app immediately crashing when you attempt to sign into your Twitter account.

Strangely, most stories about the app on tech site failed to mention this little problem. But users inside the App Store laid into the app, giving the app one-star reviews throughout yesterday afternoon.

Because of the sign-in problems I held off writing about the app. Hey, give 'em a chance, I thought.

Well, this morning one can find an update waiting for them if they have downloaded Vine. "We've fixed a few launch day hiccups," reads the app description. In addition to a Twitter sign-in fix, there is also support for international keyboards (another early complaint about the app) and most importantly, a character limit for user names (I bet they found this to be a bug that led to crashes, as well).

So will video tweeting catch on? Hard to say, not that many tweets have photos attached right now – at least not in my Twitter feed. But it is a nice new feature and I will at least try to use it from time to time.

You do subscribe to the TNM Twitter feed, right?

With Twitter grabbing a lot of attention for their video app, it is interesting (ironic? coincidental?) that this morning there is an update for Google's own video sharing app, YouTube Capture.

The app update brings some nice improvements to the app: 1080p uploads are now possible with YouTube Capture, and there is improve audio sync and better upload feedback and sharing of content.

Google also issued an update for Google Currents, its own news magazine aggregation application. Like many of the other aggregation and reformatting applications, Currents got a lot of attention but appears to moved back into the background. I set up a Google Currents page for TNM when this app launched – I'm not really sure if I took it down or if I took it down (nope, it's still there).

Today's update is major enough to be labeled Version 2.0 as it brings a bunch of redesign elements to the app.

Do you use Google Currents? What about the other aggregation apps such as Flipboard and Zite?

Finally, tech savvy home buyers will love the little update to the Realtor universal app released today. The app, Real Estate Search, now brings alerts to the users saved listings (Save a listing you have found and it the price changes you will get an alert).

I imagine this would be really handy if you have found a property but think it is priced too high and are waiting for the price to fall. Good addition to an app that is pretty good already.