Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Morning Brief: US District Court judge finds that news agencies can not reproduce Tweeted photos without the photographer's permission; NHL updates the GameCenter app in preparation for the season finally starting Saturday

AU.S. District Court in Manhattan judge late Monday ruled that the news agency Agence France-Presse and The Washington Post used the photographs of Daniel Morel, taken in Haiti following the devastating earthquake of 2010, without his permission, and in violation of the terms of service of Twitter, where they originally appeared.

According to Reuters, both news outlets used the photographs once they appeared on Twitter, with the WaPo using four of the pictures on its website, and the news wire disseminating the photographs through its service. Morel was seeking substantial damages in the case, but the judge, who sits on the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York, has ruled that damages will be limited only to the actual number of photographs used.

The former CEO of Apple, John Scully has an opinion concerning Apple and the iPhone, according to Bloomberg. We at TNM really don't care what he opinion is and won't waste more space here telling you about it.
Like most Americans, I prefer baseball and football to most other sports. But there is nothing quite like playoff hockey. Well, the NHL and its players have found a way to improve the quality of the play in the league: have a strike that limits the season length and pretty go straight to the playoffs.

This year a lock out of the players has resulted in half the season being lost, with the first games of the season finally being played this Saturday.

Now that the season is starting it is wise to update the NHL GameCenter app, which NHL Interactive Cyberenterprises did last night. The universal app will only costs you $49.99 this year due to the shortened season.

The app is much like MLB's app in that it lets users watch out of market games, as well as radio broadcasts.

The app itself is free and will give the user access to scores and post-game highlights, but a $4.99 upgrade allows for the user to access live radio broadcasts and in-game video highlights.