Wednesday, January 23, 2013

PixelMags lands a big customer in Pentagon Publishing; two new replica editions released into the Newsstand

Back in my B2B publishing days I used to make lots of calls with my reps. Publisher calls generally go well because clients appreciate the attention and whatever complaints they have usually are more subdued in an environment where the publisher is present.

During those days there were a series of questions I loved to ask prospective advertising clients. One was "what is a sale worth to your company" a way of getting information on how the company made profits and who advertising in our magazine could help drive those profits. Another was "if you could land just one new customer this year, who would you want that to be?" Most advertisers would pick some large company such as a big contracting firm with lots of contracts.
 photo Bulletin-iPad-lg_zpsa09f7ee0.jpg
But the real smart clients would name the same customer: the government. If you can sell to the U.S. government, the thinking goes, you have it made.

Today PixelMags launched two new tablet editions into Apple's Newsstand for Pentagon Publishing Inc. Now Pentagon Publishing is NOT the government, but it sure has a client list that looks like it. The Atlanta-based firm has a long list of government and institutional clients that could keep PixelMags busy for a while.

What Los Angeles-based PixelMags does best is sell. It's replica edition apps are not particularly good, and certainly don't offer publishers anything another replica maker couldn't. But the company has over 120 iPad apps in the App Store under its own name, and many more under the name of the publisher – which is the case with these two new apps.

Both Bulletin Magazine and Shipmate Magazine are universal apps – hard to read on the iPad, impossible to read on the iPhone. But that doesn't stop publishers from continuing to contract with the company. For many publishers, just being there – in the App Store, that is – is the only consideration.