Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Retweets: Apple's stock price, The Guardian's paywall (or the lack thereof), and advice for TNR's Chris Hughes

It has been an odd day, I must admit. One of those days where I just didn't feel up to the task. I apologize. That is why I wrote those three posts on evaluating B2B properties, I promised a reader I would do that, and with nothing else seemingly inspiring me I whipped those babies out in a hurry. It probably shows.

Frankly, there were much better things to read on the Internet than my musings. For instance...

  • There is the piece on the Sequoia Capital tumblr site on Apple and its stock price – Perspective on Apple amid the clamour – tries to bring a little sanity to the question of Apple. It's probably a waste of time, shorters will hide as haters and doubters, and real investors know better than to throw all their retirement savings into one stock. But it's a good piece, nonetheless.

  • Then there is the interview with The Guardian's CEO Andrew Miller to be found on the Nieman Journalism Lab site. Guardian CEO Andrew Miller on paywalls, mobile, and going global talks about, well, paywalls, mobile, and going global, silly.

  • Finally, Jack Shafer has some Unsolicited advice for New Republic owner Chris Hughes, which I am quite sure Mr. Hughes will not take. After all, the great thing about being the owner of a media property – any media property, even a blog – is not having to listen to outsiders tell you how to run your business.