Wednesday, January 2, 2013

The first batch of new tablet magazines for 2013 begin to appear in the Apple Newsstand

It's the New Year, and with Apple reopening its developer site and iTunes Connect, new tablet editions have begun to appear inside the Newsstand. As one would expect, the new releases are a mixed assortment of replica editions, as well as simple and more complex native tablet magazines.

One might think that a magazine called iPad Life would be one of the new natively designed digital magazines. But, no, the German publisher falkemedia has a sense of irony: releasing an iPad edition about the iPad in a replica edition of the print magazine. Sometimes you just can't make these things up.

The replica is also a universal app so you can read the print edition of the magazine about tablets on your iPhone. Whew.
PhotobucketThe new app for Angie's List Magazine is quite a bit better. It is a very simply designed digital edition with pages that look like they might be a replica edition, but have the fonts and layouts reformatted for easier reading on the tablet.

The magazine is free inside the new app, though I don't know if this is to let readers preview the magazine before charging, or a permanent decision.

One magazine that is a bit of a mystery is Beautiful Design Made Simple. The app description is minimal, to say the least – and only one screenshot appears, as well, Maybe the release of the app into the Newsstand caught its publisher by surprise.

The app is still downloading the premiere issue of the digital magazine and probably will be for a while – it is going that slowly – so maybe I can return to this one later.

Another magazine released into the Newsstand is from Canadian Claude Barnes, Energy Works Magazine. This digital magazine is probably the best of the bunch and features a more professionally written app description.

The new magazine will require the reader to pay $3.99 for single issues, or $19.99 for an annual subscription, but there is a preview available inside the app that will give the reader a good idea of what to expect.

The short walk-through video gives you an idea, as well: