Thursday, January 31, 2013

Twitter blows a gasket: goes offline

You'll only be able to read this post if you are subscribing to the RSS feed or visiting the website directly, but it appears that Twitter has blown a gasket. The social media website is having serious difficulty staying online with both its website and mobile app disabled.

We'll probably find out soon whether this is a server issue or a DOS attack. In any case, media outlets dependent on driving traffic through Twitter and probably have a fit right now.

This brings up the question: how does one know if Twitter is offline when no one can tweet about it?

Update: Over an hour later and Twitter is still in bad shape, though I was able to tweet myself that "Twitter is back" - wrong. But who will know, assuming I keep my mouth shut (oops).

For a B2B website like TNM, a Twitter outage is a minor annoyance. TNM does get a small amount of traffic through my Twitter account, but with so few followers (sob) it hardly makes a difference. But on days where my tweets are picked up by others and retweeted, or where a story is tweeted by an interested party, the traffic bump is noticeable.

But the tech sites are very much dependent on Twitter, as are major newspaper sites like the NYT, WSJ and Guardian, who have quite a roster of journalists very active on Twitter. On a day like today an outage has a real impact on a modern media company.

Further update: up again at Twitter. No explanation, but all seems OK again.


Rouen said...

I googled to find out whether it is offline and you guys are the only that seem to have written about it so far.

Blackstrider said...

It's definitely offline. Both main site and mobile are unable to connect.