Thursday, February 28, 2013

'68 Blocks': The Boston Globe's series inside Dorchester’s Bowdoin-Geneva neighborhood published as an eBook

The Boston Globe has published an eBook version of its series 68 Blocks which looked at life in Dorchester’s troubled Bowdoin-Geneva neighborhood. The eBook also includes includes digital content created and submitted by Bowdoin-Geneva residents.

68 Blocks is priced at $2.99 and can be found inside the Apple iBookstore,, and through Barnes & Noble. Globe subscribers can also download the eBook for free on

"This e-book gives us the opportunity to share innovative and powerful content with an even broader audience," Jennifer Peter, the Globe'sDeputy Managing Editor of Local News said. "Readers can delve into the in-depth series in a new way, with all of its diverse multimedia elements at their fingertips in one digital format."

The Globe's series was the result of the efforts of a five-person team of reporters who immersed themselves in the Bowdoin-Geneva area in the summer of 2012. The stories generated ran in a five-part series that appeared in December on the Globe's website called 68 Blocks: Life, Death, Hope.
 photo 68Blocks-iPad-photo-sm_zps6c7b01a6.jpg
"I think when we first got to Bowdoin-Geneva - people are used to the media coming in and reporting a violent crime and then leaving. So it was really hard for people to kind of get used to the concept that we were going to be there to stay, and once they realized - we had our families that we followed through the year - once they realized that we were really there to tell not just the story of violence but the story of what it means to live there amid the cloud of violence, they started opening up to us," Meghan E. Irons told New England Cable News.

The reporters on the series were Meghan E. Irons, Akilah Johnson, Maria Cramer, Jenna Russell, and Andrew Ryan. Photographers credited in the eBook are Yoon S. Byun, Bill Greene and Suzanne Kreiter. Steven Wilmsen was the series editor.

The eBook found in the Apple iBookstore was produced using Apple's own digital publishing software iBooks Author. The eBook was built for portrait-only reading which allows for fixed layouts and the use of sidebars. The iBooks version contains photo galleries which, when tapped, can then be seen in landscape (as seen above-left).

The version is a Kindle Edition.

The Boston Globe has more than a dozen eBook titles in the Apple iBookstore, including its biography of Massachusetts Senator, former Presidential candidate, and current Secretary of State, John F. Kerry. The new ebook, however, is the only one that sports the iBooks Author logo Apple uses to show readers which books use the interactive digital publishing platform.