Thursday, February 14, 2013

Amazon releases update to its Kindle reading app for iOS devices; adds 'Book End Actions' for readers finishing reading their eBooks, new brightness settings

It is sometimes easy to forget that Amazon has a Kindle app for the iPhone and iPad and that many, many readers still buy their books from Amazon, then read them on their iDevices. Often we tend to think of the platforms, especially iBooks and Kindle Editions, as incompatible. It's not true, though I don't think you'll see an Apple iBooks app for the Kindle Fire in the near future.

Today Amazon updated its universal iOS app, otherwise known by the ridiculous name of Kindle – Read Books, eBooks, Magazines, Newspapers & Textbooks.

The app update brings in some new features to the already popular reading app: 1) Multicolor Highlights – Four color choices make it easier to distinguish important passages; 2) Book End Actions – Just finish your book? Share the accomplishment with friends on Facebook and Twitter. Rate and write your own review. See other books that might interest you and add them to a wish list; and 3) Brightness Control – the brightness setting will now be saved across device sleeps.
 photo Kindle-viewoptions-iPad-sm_zps67c07eac.jpg
I honestly have no idea what Amazon means by "device sleeps" but you might.

The Kindle app is a good example of how the platform owners really need to learn to play nice in the sandbox, though there is a Kobo app in the Android app store on

But, of course, what we all need is some good cross platform interactive book publishing software. Aquafadas seems committed to this project, but it would be nice to see other solutions, as well, including an export function built into iBooks Author (something I'm in need of right now, as a matter of fact).