Thursday, February 14, 2013

Australian author launches her own tablet magazine, though some app naming confusion reigns

Here is another new independently launched tablet magazines that has used the MagCast platform to create its iPad app. Birth Goddess mag won't be staying on my iPad very long, lest someone in my house gets some strange ideas.

The new digital magazine is published by Australian author Katrina Zaslavsky who publishes a website by the same name. Oddly, the name on the cover of the digital magazine is Empowering Birth Magazine, and this is the way it appears on the Library page, so I think there was probably some confusion inside the developer account - which is, by the way, PlumbAssist (no jokes please) which has a mobile plumbing app inside the App Store, as well. I know, I know. Don't go there.
 photo BirthGoddess-Library-sm_zps9cad7fa7.jpg
Why I am bringing you this I don't know, TNM has certainly looked at enough of these MagCast apps. The solution is the same as others: the publisher creates a PDF of a magazine, uploads it to the vendor's servers and presto, instant app. The price on the Magcast site says it is $297 per month for the app.

I noticed that MagCast is streaming ads to the Library page of this app, so maybe some publishers are getting a break in exchange for the ad space, or maybe this is one of the monetization options offered by the platform. By the way, the ads are from iAd and I noticed ads for Zillow, the NYT (see in the screenshot at left), as well as other apps.

Back to the app: inside the Birth Goddess app issues are $4.99 a piece, though there are subscription options for one, six and 12 months also available. Yes, I know, strange that there is no 9-month option, right?