Wednesday, February 6, 2013

British digital consultancy, calls9, launches new tablet magazine to promote French wine: Champagne World

A digital consultancy from Leeds in the U.K. has launched a new tablet-only magazine into Apple's Newsstand to promote the interests of French wine, specifically Champagne. Champagne World is a free app, and the issues that will reside inside will also be free to download.

Produced by calls9 Limited, this is the second app to be launched by the company – the first being a stand-alone iPad app for Bradford Grammar School, BGS Showcase, described as "an independent co-educational day school with a long history of educating bright boys and girls in the UK."

That app was built to be read in landscape, so it probably shouldn't be a surprise that the publishers have chosen to design Champagne World to be read in landscape, as well. This is becoming more and more common, depending on the subject of the tablet magazine. Many readers prefer holding their iPads in landscape, and the advantages of the orientation for photography and video content is obvious.
 photo CW-editorsnote-sm_zps98a43316.jpg
The only thing odd about the app is that the designers have used the term "swipe" when showing readers that there is more content in a text box, when they really mean scroll. Scroll means up and down, swipe means right to left. Oh well, it is a minor point.

The only other thing I wish I knew for sure would be who is the client here. In the U.S. we generally want our branded magazines to be a little more upfront about who is footing the bill for the magazine.

Champagne World's editor is Geoff Thornton, while calls9's owners, Adam Roney and Pete Mills are listed here as digital manager and sales manager, respectively.