Friday, February 8, 2013

End of the week media app wrap-up: first tablet edition for B2B title CFO Magazine; more iOS 6.1 related app updates from media properties using the Adobe DPS

Few qualified circulation B2B titles have as large a readership as CFO, the ten time per year magazine published by CFO Publishing out of Boston, Mass. At 443,219 in its last BPA audit statement, it is quite a monster of a magazine, its readership split into three parts: those who are actual CFOs or have similar titles, those who are in executive management, and other financial and operations personnel.

Today the B2B title launched its first tablet edition, using Tapedition to create the Newsstand app. CFO Magazine The result, as with most (if not all) Tapedition apps is a replica edition, and quite a hefty one at that - the issue inside this app is 666 MB, maybbe the biggest replica I've come across.

Swiping through the issue inside, the January/February issue, I'm at a loss to understand why it is so large, though the pages (just images) do render slowly, so maybe this is an optimization issue.

Tapedition apps appear under the name of the publisher (yeah) as they require that you get a developer license (only $99 per year, simple process, do it), then the company charges a flat $499 a month fee, with a $199 per month option for Android. The company also offers a $999 one-time fee option if you want to offer your magazine free to your current subscribers, one of the few vendors I've seen to offer this service publicly.

I have a feeling that a large number of TNM readers were well aware of why so many media apps have been updated since the introduction by Apple of iOS 6.1 – I just wish someone would have dropped me a line to tell me!
 photo ColoradoSki-cover-sm_zps39c2cead.jpg
Today, for instance, the Denver Post's tablet magazine, Denver Post Colorado Ski Guide (TNM original post here), PowerSource from Santee Cooper (TNM post on the excellent new digital magazine here), and Rogers Publishing's B2B title Marketing Magazine (TNM original post here), all were updated today and list iOS 6.1 as the reason.

The reason for the large number of updates, as I guessed, involves Adobe DPS. This notice appeared on the Adobe website about a week ago:
The recent release of iOS 6.1 exposed an issue with DPS viewers that have in-app purchasing enabled. This issue causes the viewer to crash when a network connection is not available. This includes situations where Wi-Fi or cellular network connections are not available, or when the device is in airplane mode. All viewers built with release 24 and earlier of the DPS tools are affected and will crash when a network connection is not available. Release 25 viewers are unaffected. Single Edition applications, regardless of release, are unaffected.

We have released a hotfix, now available through DPS App Builder, to resolve this in release 24 viewers. Customers who have live apps in the app store with release 24 or earlier should re-build their applications to release 24 or 25 with DPS App Builder and re-submit the viewer to Apple for approval.
So far, at least other digital publishing platforms have not reported any specific issues with iOS 6.1, which is why we're not seeing updates across the board on those apps.

"We're not seeing any issues there yet. All of our apps seem to be working fine out of the box on 6.1 without an update," Mag+’s Chief Product Officer Mike Haney said.

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Tony Redhead said...

Same here at Oomph, all magazine apps with subscriptions are working as expected.