Monday, February 18, 2013

Future PLC updates its portfolio of magazine tablet editions to bring in a new app storefront interface

Future PLC today issued updates for many of their tablet editions today. The magazine publisher uses its own publishing solution which it calls FutureFolio and so a change in its platform generally means updates across the board.

The tablet edition from Future run the full range of digital magazines from disappointing replica editions like the Mac Life Magazine app (really? a replica edition for a computing magazine?), to digital magazines designed from the ground up for tablets like Photography Week (TNM original post here).

The most recent update is designed to bring into the magazine tablet editions a new app storefront interface.

One of the most recent Future digital magazine launches was for Football Week, which involves a partnership with the Press Association (TNM original post here). The new app is native in design and is a rather unique. all teams in one app for English Premier League coverage.

If you missed the video walk-through of that new app here it is again: