Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Industry News: Impelsys releases iPublishCentral 4.1; Bazaarvoice completes integration of Longboard Media; IProduction releases new social login feature

When TNM first launched in 2010 this site was lucky to get 100 visitors in a day. Getting a press release sent to me was like a miracle, they actually know TNM exists? But now the readership is over 50K and far more diverse. In a blog formatted website it is nearly impossible to post short stories based on press releases that might be of interest to a group of readers – that is one big reason a redesign of this site is long over due.

But in the interest of bringing as much digital media news as possible I thought I'd clear out a few stories and give readers a chance to decide for themselves if they are interested in the stories you will see below. Each story is linked to a page which contains the full press release so that you can continue to learn more.

iPublishCentral 4.1 Offers Enhanced Features for Reading eBooks on Mobile Devices

New Version of Digital Publishing Platform From Impelsys Improves Mobile Reading Experience and Gives Institutions New Tools for Managing eBook Subscriptions

Impelsys, a global leader in providing electronic content delivery solutions, today announced the release of iPublishCentral 4.1, the latest version of its award-winning digital publishing software for publishers.

iPublishCentral is a comprehensive platform that allows publishers to warehouse, deliver, distribute, market and sell their eBooks without making significant capital or engineering resource investments on their own. This means that publishers are able to quickly monetize their digital assets by selling eBooks to institutions, retail partners and directly to consumers.

The new release of the software includes a number of enhancements to the iPublishCentral Reader that make it easier to read eBooks and other digital content on-demand, from any location, on iPads, iPad minis and Android-powered mobile devices. These features enable publishers to better serve the needs of their retail and institutional customers for mobile access to eBooks. (read more)

Bazaarvoice, Inc. Completes Integration of Longboard Media and Creates Bazaarvoice Media Labs

Bazaarvoice, Inc. a leading social and e-commerce software company, today announced that it has completed the integration of Longboard Media, which was acquired in November 2012, into its Bazaarvoice Media business unit. Bazaarvoice also announced the creation of Bazaarvoice Media Labs, a research and development group focused on translating the company's audience reach, social content and market data into new products and services that can help advertisers to better target consumers and increase revenue through multiple online channels.

The expansion of Bazaarvoice Media strengthens the company's ability to deliver a comprehensive set of products and services that bring highly relevant branded media to consumers, whenever and wherever they shop online. Bazaarvoice Media's advertising management network enables site publishers to easily launch and manage on-site advertising campaigns that help brands increase reach, awareness and relevancy in the digital shopping aisle.

Meanwhile, advertisers can target customers by behavior, product, location and demographic through a broad shopping network that reaches an estimated 100 million active consumers through shopping comparison sites, mobile commerce applications and online retailer sites.

"Successfully courting today's digitally savvy shoppers and turning them into loyal, long-term patrons requires an understanding of what they want, when and where they want it," said Jim Barkow, general manager, Bazaarvoice Media.

"Advertising is being transformed to enable brands and retailers to not only provide information that helps consumers make a more informed purchase decision, but also to connect with them on all devices they use while researching products online or shopping in-store." (read more)

Via New Social Login Feature, B2B Publishers Amplify Audience Data

Proven publishing system responds to customer demand with B2B social login feature

An increasing number of B2B publishers are offering social login options to their subscribers, as evidenced by the recent release by a leading Internet publishing system of an integrated social login feature.

IProduction released its new social login feature in late January, in response to customer demand. The new social login feature works with leading CMS systems WordPress and Drupal as well as with IProduction's proprietary CMS. (read more)