Monday, February 11, 2013

Morning Brief: Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter get iOS 6.1 related updates; WSJ uses the new video sharing app Vine in its Fashion Week 2013 feature online

The latest publisher using the Adobe DPS to issue app updates for their magazines is Prometheus Global Media, the new owner of Billboard Magazine, The Hollywood Reporter and Adweek.

Both Billboard and The Hollywood Reporter got updates this weekend. Billboard's app descriptions says the update fixes a situation where the "app crashes when not connected to wi-fi while using iOS 6.1." This is a common description of the fix seen on other apps, as sell. The Hollywood Report app description simply says "minor bug fixes."

One would expect to see an app update for Adweek right around the corner.

Another app updated today was the replica edition from the Columbia Journalism Review. Actually, the update is not from the magazine, but from its vendor, Magzter. The update finally brings iPhone 5 support to the app.

I must say that the screenshots for this app are among the most honest I've seen. In the iPhone version they chose to use a two-page spread which features a photo spread across the pages. One gets to see that the photo is chopped up in order to be displayed in this replica edition. In the iPad version one sees a text page with its teeny unreadable text and its page folios still on the digital page.

I suppose the CJR deserves create for honesty, and criticism for choosing a lazy, industry lagging solution.

I suppose you've heard by now that the Pope has resigned. As a Catholic (who last went to church about 40 years ago) I suppose this means I will be considered for the job opening. I don't know what this would mean for TNM but I promise to keep you informed.

The WSJ got a bit of attention for their use of the new Vine app in their Fashion Week 2013 features. One wonders whether Vine will catch on, in general. But this use was strictly a gimmick. The six second looping videos actually look pretty silly on the front page of a web feature. After all, if you're shooting video with a camera or smartphone than shoot a longer video, why use such a short video online?

But I think we'll see Vine used quite a bit when a story is breaking. We already see photos embedded into Tweets, so using Vine in this way makes a lot of sense, especially for citizen journalists.

I've had Vine on my iPhone from the day the app launched but have not come up with a reason to use it. I would guess that the first industry event I attend with it would be the first opportunity to experiment with it.