Friday, February 15, 2013

Morning Brief: Kickstarter launches iPhone app; did The Guardian's report on climate change think tank funders attracts paid commenters?; CNN's ship joy ride ends; Cygnus updates its line-up of B2B tablet editions

Short items for the start of the final day of the week:

I have always like the idea behind Kickstarter, the crowd funding website, but I've found it odd that so many say they have "chipped in a few dollars" to so many projects. Either these people are lying or they treat the funding site like the home shopping network, unable to pull themselves away from things. I've never tried a Kickstarter funding drive for myself, and with so many people saying TNM should launch a tablet edition maybe I should.

Yesterday Kickstarter launched an iPhone app, Kickstarter for iPhone, for those who simply have money burning a hole in their pocket I suppose. Or is the app for those with their own Kickstarter projects going? I don't know, but the app has been very well received by users, which only goes to show that the potential is limitless for new mobile and tablet applications.

The Guardian: Secret funding helped build vast network of climate denial thinktanks – The UK paper posted an investigative report on money behind the climate change denial think tanks (interesting that they would do "think tank" as one word). What followed was over 1,000 comments, most of which seem to be from climate change deniers. Is The Guardian planning a follow-up on the issue of paid commenters? Just an idea.

CNN played up the plight of Carnival cruise passengers stranded on a ship off the coast of Mexico. The ship took five days to finally dock at Alabama Cruise Terminal, three days behind schedule. That gave CNN time to get into gear to make this their lead story for most of yesterday into today. The Huffington Post had a lot of fun at CNN's expense, wondering if this was the type of journalism the cable news network would be pursuing in the future.

But The Huffington Post should talk. This morning the website is leading with a headline so large it might take at least two Macbook Airs to display it: METEORITE STRIKES, '500 UNJURED'.

Cygnus Business Information issued a series of app updates last night to tablet editions.

The B2B media company updated Firehouse Magazine, Law Enforcement Product News, Law Enforcement Technology, EMS World, Sustainable Construction, and Aircraft Maintenance Technology Magazine.

The updates are required because of issues that have arisen in apps built using the Adobe DPS since Apple launched iOS 6.1. Adobe describes the bug this way: "The recent release of iOS 6.1 exposed an issue with DPS viewers that have in-app purchasing enabled. This issue causes the viewer to crash when a network connection is not available. This includes situations where Wi-Fi or cellular network connections are not available, or when the device is in airplane mode."