Monday, February 4, 2013

Morning Brief: Richard III confirmed still very much dead; bug fix app updates from Facebook and the Food Network

While the U.S. media is obsessed this morning with discussing the disappearance of the 49ers defense, the British media world is a twitter with the news that University of Leicester researchers have found the body of Ricahrd III, the last Plantagenet king who died in 1485.

Source: University of Leicester
The skeleton of the humped back king was found at the site of the Grey Friars church in Leicester. To the disappointment of Shakespeare fans, no evidence was found for a withered arm. But the skeleton revealed severe scoliosis, the condition which made Richard III most famous. Further, the king's skull reveals the wounds, most likely from a sword and possible a halberd, that caused his fatal injuries at the Battle of Bosworth.

"The DNA sequence obtained from the Grey Friars skeletal remains was compared with the two maternal line relatives of Richard III," University of Leicester geneticist Dr Turi King said. "We were very excited to find that there is a DNA match between the maternal DNA from the family of Richard the Third and the skeletal remains we found at the Grey Friars dig."

William Shakespeare's play is famous for the line "A horse, a horse, my kingdom for a horse!" spoken as the king thrown from his horse and subsequently killed.

Facebook has issued a new update to its universal iOS app. The update looks like it only just fixes bugs introduced.

The reason it is hard to see what the update brings is that Facebook's app team has the annoying habit of repeating the same app description text in each app update. So for versions 5.4, 5.4.1 and now 5.4.2 the Facebook app description has said it is now allowing users to share voice messages and video recordings. But the reality is that the last two updates just concern bug fixes.

Another media app update comes from the Food Network. Food Network On the Road (Official), as it is called to differentiate it from the magazine app from Hearst, is an unusually large app at 89.2 MB.

The app is universal and is designed to let users find Food Network recommended restaurants in the U.S.

Lufthansa became the latest airline to app Passbook support to its iPhone application. The updated app, simply named Lufthansa, is newly designed to support the iPhone 5's longer display.

The mobile app also allows users to store passport information, obtain current Lufthansa offers, and gain flight information, book flights and check on flight status.