Wednesday, February 6, 2013

MPA president Mary Berner issues response to news that the US Postal Service will end Saturday mail delivery

Here is the statement just issue by the MPA, The Association of Magazine Media, in response to the news this morning that the U.S. Postal Service will end Saturday mail delivery (while continuing with Saturday package delivery, as well as mail delivery to post office boxes):
MPA-The Association of Magazine Media represents consumer magazines, among them weekly titles, that may be most impacted by the United States Postal Service announcement this morning to cease Saturday delivery, with the exception of packages, effective August 5, 2013. Like Congress, MPA was taken by surprise by today’s announcement. While we have actively participated in conversations around postal reform, and in particular, five-day delivery, we did not expect the USPS would act unilaterally, without Congressional approval, and we await Washington’s reaction and more details.

Advocating for our members, MPA has long been a driving force behind postal legislation and policy. In 2011, we testified that five-day delivery would require substantial operational changes from some weekly magazines that often want delivery on Friday and Saturday so readers can enjoy their content over the weekend. Despite the difficulties the schedule change would entail, MPA told Congress we were willing to make changes if the shift to five-day delivery and resultant cost savings for the Postal Service were part of a comprehensive package of long-term reforms that would ensure a viable postal system for the foreseeable future. The move to five-day delivery would require substantial preparation on the part of affected magazines. We note that the Postal Service appears to have taken this consideration to heart, proposing the changes go into effect six months from now.
– Mary Berner, President & CEO, MPA