Wednesday, February 20, 2013

New English language website for Eleftherotypia launched, will fill void left by shutdown of the Athens News

For those still saddened by the apparent shuttering of the Athens News, an English language website and newspaper, there is a bit of good news this afternoon. Eleftherotypia has launched a new English language website.

The new site, EnetEnglish, is a new division of Eleftherotypia, the national newspaper that itself was pretty much shut down since declaring bankruptcy in December of 2011. But the paper was relaunched in January of this year, and so the new English language website was made possible. There will be plenty of news to report:

"Welcome to, a brandnew online news service for Greece and the world. Today we've the first general strike of 2013 and we'll be blogging events as they happen," states the live blog featured on the new site's home page.

Thrasy Petropoulos, the former managing editor at the Athens News is the Deputy Editor at the new website, and Damian Mac Con Uladh who was also with the Athens News, and who contributes to the Irish Times, has come over as a reporter.