Tuesday, February 12, 2013

NRC Reader, from Dutch developer Moop, brings select news, analysis from the editors of the NRC Handelsblad

One might think that TNM is sucking up to the Dutch this morning thanks to the first two posts here about apps from imgZine, and now this post. But my guess is that the vast majority of TNM's readers in The Netherlands work for WoodWing, while the other two work for TRVL.

But once again a new media app enters my iTunes account from yet another Dutch app developer. This app, called NRC Reader (US App Store link), comes from the developer Moop from Amsterdam. Moop's website says they are the developers of apps for such companies as Booking.com, Vodafone and NRC Media, the company behind the NRC Reader app.
 photo NRCReader-iPad-sm_zps226c5e84.jpg
While the Dutch may speak perfect English, Americans do not speak Dutch – so I am completely dependent on Google Translate, which is never a good thing. But I assume the content for this new news app comes from NRC Media's daily afternoon newspaper NRC Handelsblad, a 200,000 circulation tabloid.

The app takes select articles from the newspaper and website and delivers them each morning by 6am, thanks to Newsstand integration. To access the new app's content one will need to subscribe – right now the app is offering an introductory offer of € 1,79 per week or € 4,49 per month, with the first month free, allowing Dutch readers to try out the app.

This app reminds me of all the tremendous talent there is out there. Back in April of 2011 I looked at Odd Magazine, a tablet edition of the annual publication of the Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI). That app was created by Jelle de Weert, then 23, and a student at the AMFI. I half expected to see his name listed a team member at Moop. But alas, no. If Mr. de Weert is still looking for work may I recommend someone in Amsterdam snap him up. (The Odd Magazine app does not appear to be available anymore, too bad – it was pretty amazing, if I recall.)