Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Reed Business Information Australia launches a new tablet edition, SMSF Essentials, uses the Oomph platform

There was once a time when Red Elsevier's B2B divisions, Reed Business Information, were the giants in trade media world – especially in the U.S. after the acquisitions of the Cahners and Chilton groups. But those days are now fading in memory, at least here in the U.S.

But in Australia, Reed Business Information is still a powerhouse, though just last month came word that Reed would be selling off RBI Australia to a private equity firm Catalyst Investment Managers. Catalyst bought the B2B division for less than three times earnings, according to reports, reflecting both Reed's desire to dump its print properties, and the less than rosy future many feel B2B magazines will face.

Today, however, a new tablet edition for SMSF Essentials, which is not even a publication Reed lists among its titles. I assume it is tied to Money Management magazine, but the Reed websites are so slow that I simply can not get them to load. Whether this is the result of the divestiture is unknown.

But the tablet edition released today is excellent, which won't come as a surprise once you see that the app was developed by Oomph. Oomph is the technology division of Mogeneration, and TNM has looked at quite a number of their apps in the past, most recently in regards to the Coles app from ACP Custom Media.

Like most B2B titles, the publisher here has chosen to launch the app as free, and without any pre-qualification process built in. The download for the February issue found inside the library was lightning fast, both because the issue was only 30MB in size, but because of good server speed.

At 30 MB one might expect a replica edition, but the tablet edition is native, though simple in design. The layouts often use the same basic design, but it works very well – especially for a B2B publication.

This is the fourth tablet edition released into the Newsstand by Reed Business in Australia, and they all appear to be coming from the same group of financial magazines - Financial Planning, Money Management and Super Review being the others. Usually I catch new B2B magazine apps as they are released, it appears I am bit tardy when it comes to these app launches.

Here is a very brief walk-through of the new SMSF Essentials app: