Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Daily Mail releases yet another tablet edition, this one a reimagining of the tabloid paper specifically for the iPad

One category of newspaper that has much at stake with the tablet platform is the daily newspaper tabloid. Often bought on the way to work, read, and then discarded, the tabloid newspaper needs to find a new home on the tablet or smartphone or risk oblivion.

On the other hand, there are those who think that tabloids have the best shot at survival in print. Mostly bought in urban environments, where newspaper boxes and the newsstand have the best chance at remaining an viable institution, maybe tabloids will be around forever – who knows?

The Daily Mail, the UK's second largest national newspaper, is not about to take any chances. Already the paper has launched an app for its online property (MailOnline for iPad), a replica edition (Daily Mail Newspaper), an app specifically for the iPad mini (MailOnline Mini), as well as special occasion apps for such events as the wedding between a couple of cute rich kids (Mail on Sunday Royal Wedding), and apps for crossword and sudoku games.

Today Associated Northcliffe Digital Limited has released yet another iPad edition of the Daily Mail called Daily Mail Plus, this one a native reimagining of the daily newspaper specifically for the iPad.
 photo DM-front-iPad-sm_zps32c8c8d6.jpg
"Daily Mail Plus for iPad is a stunning new app that brings you all the content from the Daily Mail newspaper in a visually exciting and easy-to-read format - and features an array of interactive features and content exclusive to the app," reads the app description.

The tabloid newspaper has been reformatted for easy reading on the iPad, and its basic design has been successfully ported over to the tablet. Font sizes have been made appropriate, and the page designs have been made to fit within the confines of the iPad's display. That is, the entire page fits the screen and any scrolling that takes place is within the confines of the display. If the reader wants a text version of the story or to read more there is an icon that one taps that pulls up a pop-up window (see below-right).

The new app, along with the replica edition, can be found inside the Apple Newsstand.

Readers new to the paper, or those who want to see if reading the Daily Mail on their tablet is for them, can subscribe to the paper and receive their first 30 days free – so if interested in the paper's vision for a tabloid-tablet newspaper you should check it out. Subscriptions are priced at £2.99 a week or £9.99 a month. (The app description seems to assume that only Brits will be interested in subscribing so the prices are only in pounds. But the one month cost in the U.S. is $4.99.)

The Daily Mail also has two apps, one for smartphones and one for tablets, inside Google Play. Both are based on the newspaper's website, similar to their iOS companions.