Monday, February 25, 2013

Videobuilder to show off PressApp, a new plug-in solution for publisher's mobile apps, at Publishing & Media Expo

Cheddar, England-based Videobuilder will be showing off its mobile content management system, PressApp, starting tomorrow at the Publishing & Media Expo at Earls Court Two, London. The plug-in solution adds a wealth of features to existing and new mobile apps and is aimed at magazine and newspaper publishers.

"PressApp gives publishers a practical way to start two way conversations with their mobile communities without integration or development costs. It is also incredibly scalable and can be rapidly deployed across dozens of apps", Richard Counsell, CEO of Videobuilder, said in the company's announcement.

Andrew Petherick, Business Development Director, walked me through PressApp last week to show me the functions that publishers can add to the mobile apps.

PressApp will work with all mobile apps on all platforms and is enabled by the user through allowing push notifications. The publisher that adds PressApp to their mobile app can then push messages to their readers – these messages can be sent to the publisher's entire mobile audience, or only to those in a specific location. In this way one could send location based advertising offers, for instance, or request video, photo or text content from the reader in the location.

A simple example might be to request user photos of readers in Denver following this weekend's giant snow storm.

The publisher can set up "geo-fences" around a location, ranging from 1 metre in radius to 1,000 metres (UK spelling, of course) in order to designate the area a message is to be confined to. Again, by setting up a geo-fence, the publisher can not only send out editorial messages to a reader, but advertising messages, as well.
 photo PressApp-screenshot-geofence-sm_zpsa818f3be.jpg
While the company appears to be targeting magazine publishers, the app seems to me to have a lot of potential for newspaper publishers, as well.

The company, for instance, is pointing out that PressApp allows the publisher's sales teams to sell display and classified advertising sales teams to sell advertising directly into their mobile app. PressApp has a "nearest me" button allows the publisher's app user to see which advertisers are nearest to their location at that time, a great way to find the nearest dry cleaners or AT&T store, for instance.

Petherick walked me through the system which is very straight forward and easy to navigate. If you are thinking of attending the Publishing & Media Expo on Tuesday or Wednesday you will be able to find the Videobuilder booth at Stand C45.