Friday, March 22, 2013

ΜΟΥΣΑ #2: Lambrakis releases a second stand-alone app for their Greek language edition of Marie Clare

Two weeks before Christmas Lambrakis Press released a single issue tablet edition of its Greek version of Marie Claire magazine, ΜΟΥΣΑ (Mousa) - the original post is here. Now, three months later the publisher is back with a second edition, ΜΟΥΣΑ #2.

Like the first tablet edition, this one is also a stand-alone app, a pretty big one at that – 616MB in size. But a look at the video walk-through below will instantly show you why the app needed to be so large. Like ΜΟΥΣΑ #1, this iPad app is also a tour de force of Adobe DPS publishing.

The app remains free of charge and I imagine that the publisher, who has a few other stand-alone iPad apps inside the App Store, will continue to forego the Newsstand until they are sure their are enough readers in the market for their tablet editions.

MOUSA is an interactive fashion magazine for the iPad.

A product of Marie Claire Greece, with original content as well as enriched features from the print issue, it dynamically uses tablet technology, offering readers the experience of a glossy magazine from the future.

For the first time in Greece a lifestyle app serves as a new platform of expression for photographers, stylists, journalists and designers who want to experiment and create vivid content and interactive fashion images using exciting technology.
The digital magazine is designed to be read in landscape, as the screenshots in the app description make clear. The app opens to an animated "cover" and then moves on to a pretty interesting interactive ad for Golden Hall, a shopping center in Athens. Readers who swipe the page are in for a bit of a surprise, and may find it hard to swipe to the next page.

(One can't get over the amount of English used in the Greek language magazine – I think the French would find it upsetting, and the Québécois would make it illegal.)

It would be silly of me to list those who should be credited with the fine work here, as the Greek masthead is not translated, but this is excellent work. I look forward to a time when the publisher believes it is economically worth their time and effort to produced a monthly digital edition of Marie Clare, even if the editions are a bit more modest than their first two editions.